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The Portable 6A Fast Charger V-Mount & Gold Mount Battery Charger from GEN ENERGY offers a compact, portable charging option for your G-B100 Series battery. This charger uses a single D-Tap connector to charge your battery and features an LED status light and a 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz input range.

GEN ENERGY Fast D-Tap Charger for over 98WH battery capacity (16.8V/6A)

    • 6A fastest Portable D-Tap Charger

    • Single channel portable charger

    • Through D-Tap

    • Red LED during charging, Green LED after full changed.

  • Power max. 80W
    input AC 100V ~ 240V 50/60Hz
    Output DC 14V ~ 16.8V, 6A
    Terminal  D-Tap socket
    Dimension 130mm x 54mm x 30mm
    Weight 350g

    Charging time (16.8V /6A CC.CV mode)

    G-B200/98W Not available (98W has max. charge current 3.5A)
    G-B200/160W about 3H 20M
    G-B200/195W  about 3H 40M
    G-B200/290W  about 4H 40M
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