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The 2-Channel Lithium-Ion Battery Charger from Gen Energy simultaneously charges two Gold mount batteries. It also features a 16.2 VDC 4-pin XLR power output that can be used simultaneously while charging.

This charger has built-in safety features and will automatically stop charging if any attached battery goes over voltage. Its slim, upright design features stabilizing desktop feet.

GEN Energy Gold-Mount 2 Channel Charger (16.8V/2.5A)

SKU: G-C50 G
    • Two Gold mount battery bays

    • Simultaneous charging

    • One 4-pin XLR power output

    • Built-in safety features

    • Slim design with stabilizer feet





  • Specification

    • Power max. 58W
    • input AC 100V ~ 240V 50/60Hz
    • Output DC 14V ~ 16.8V,  2.6A/ch
    • Terminal  GOLD MOUNT terminal
    • Dimension 231mm x 141mm x 60.5mm
    • Weight Approx. 1Kg

    Charging time (16.8V / 2.6A CC.CV mode)

    • G-B100/98W-G about 3H 40 M
    • G-B100/160W-G about 5 H 30 M
    • G-B100/195W-G  about 6 H 30 M
    • G-B100/290W-G  about 9 H
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