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The robust G-B100 14.4V, 160Wh Li-Ion Batteryfrom GEN ENERGY provides power for your V-mount camera or pro-video accessory. The 11Ah G-B100 battery also offers two D-Tap ports and one USB port for powering accessories.


G-B100 series batteries are designed to be both shock- and short-proof, and feature a wireless design that dissipates heat. A 10-LED gauge remaining-power display aids in timely battery changes.

GEN ENERGY 14.4V, 160Wh 15A Li-Ion Battery (V-Mount)

SKU: G-B100/160W 15A
    • 14.4V 160Wh Li-Ion V-Mount Battery
    • Supports up to 12A Total Draw
    • Shockproof Wireless Design
    • 2 x D-Tap Accessory Outputs
    • 1 x USB Port
    • Safety Sensors Prevent Short Circuits
    • 10-LED Power Gauge
    • Compact Vertical Design
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