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ARRI Alexa LF Camera V-Mount Battery Plate (G-P22ALF)

The ARRI Alexa LF large format camera needs a minimum of 21V to operate properly.  This is beyond the capability of a normal 14.4V battery and presents an issue to the use of a standard battery plate. If the camera is operating at 125W, the battery needs to provide 156W with 21W lost in heat.  At 160W, the battery needs to provide 200W, with 40W lost in heat.  This much heat would cause burns if the metal mount was touched.

Gen Energy has designed a super efficient battery v-mount plate for the Alexa LF.  This accessory allows the 14V battery to be with the high draw and reduces the heat generated through its efficiency.  The G-P22ALF plate also provides communication from the battery to the camera for Gen Energy batteries. The user will see the RSOC (relative state of charge) in the camera display, data not available with batteries other than Gen Energy.

  • Only 1 pc of 14.4V battery can make ALEXA LF working with enough power.

  • This plate makes voltage step up to 28V with GEN ENERGY 22A power battery and going down like normal battery to 24V under.

  • Body was made of 6pcs of aluminum parts, very strong and fitting with LF body very well.

  • Only G-B100/290W 22A can be used together for enough power.

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